A photo of a colorful building in Havana, Cuba
No No No
Mike Ring Photography

No No No

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Before I went to Cuba I watched a video the Do's and Don'ts of Cuba. Well this turned out to be one of the Don'ts. Don't take any pictures of police, government buildings or soldiers. Behind one the pillars in this photo was a soldier that I did not see at the time, but he came out and waved his hands saying No No No. Luckily that was as far as the confrontation went. There is no city in the world so layered with hidden architectural beauty. Yet today, as Havana opens to the world, it is also poised on the edge of collapse.  This adds a stunning pop of color and texture to your home or office decor.

  • Limited Edition Photograph
  • Location: Havana, Cuba
  • Canvas is Gallery Wrapped (Ready to Hang on Wall)
  • Canvas is sealed with UV Protection
  • Aluminum is Float Mounted (Ready to Hang on Wall)
  • Photo by Award Winning  Photographer-Mike Ring

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