Toilet Seat Cut
Mike Ring Photography

Toilet Seat Cut

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Islamorada Times: Toilet Seat Cut "Also Known as Crapper Creek" is a man-made channel which was dredged by Vernon Lamp, a local, back in the mid-century before there were strict laws protecting sea grass and preventing people from taking such matters into their own hands. Mr. Lamp enjoyed dining at the Plantation Yacht Club and traveled there mostly by boat. The normal path was slow and time consuming having to travel out through Cowpens Cut to get to the restaurant which was only a couple of miles away. He grew tired of this loop around and began to dredge a cut through to lessen his trip. Using an old outboard engine attached to and even older dinghy, he cut this new pass through the shallow grassy flat and marked it with homemade posts.

  This adds a stunning pop of color to your home or office décor.

  • Limited Edition Photograph
  • Location: Islamorada Key, Florida
  • Canvas is Gallery Wrapped (Ready to Hang on Wall)
  • Canvas is sealed with UV Protection
  • Aluminum is Float Mounted (Ready to Hang on Wall)
  • Photo by Award Winning  Photographer-Mike Ring

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